Taxes not paid...and Obama's nominee

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Taxes not paid...and Obama's nominee

Message par *Maadox le Mer 4 Fév - 14:16

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy ...let me start off by saying "why so much unnecessary burden"? Yeah, i am talking about "taxes"...When i was in college, my tax class kicked asses...lol...Most of us passed with a C.

The American tax system is a very complicated one and most experts do not even grasp many of the clauses, exceptions, "if's and then's" in this soooo sophisticated and complex tax code...no wonder, most people don't pay them Very Happy or skip them Very Happy or can't afford them Razz ...especially if you got a lot to pay! But then again, this is why America can afford to "bail out" up to 5% of its GDP or 900 Billion dollars ( i would live happily ever ever ever ever after Very Happy )...am i talking to the DRC? Very Happy ...Our country hasn't been bailed out since.... Question Shocked Laughing

Anyway, i was off on a tangent there, back to no one paying taxes and Obama's nominees...my question is "who is that has never sin, throw the first stone"...I have mixed feelings about this tax issue...coz i am pretty sure that if we were to look at most these politicians who "grill" down these nominees, i can bet that 90% of them have failed their taxes...and i just think the media is a big distraction in this whole process...Yeah they need to report stuff but digging up stuff and delaying progress is undeniably getting on my nerves. It seems to me that the more the delay, the better this economic crisis is to some...thus the million dollar jets, the million dollar superball add campaigns and what else?
Maybe its also time for America to look into this unnecessary complex tax system?
Since we are on the topic of grilling down and pining down those who didn't pay their taxes; why not look into all them senators' taxes?
Maybe also the media needs to be restructured, not to stop freedom of expression but really to be more focused on what really is news? I know that is a tough one...we all love some gossip Very Happy

Anyway, if there were no drama...life wouldn't be this interesting, right? Also, it just tells me, that we like to put unnecessary burden on human kind. cheers ....ah Uncle Sam!

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Re: Taxes not paid...and Obama's nominee

Message par ANAKIN le Jeu 5 Fév - 12:44

They should cut Barack some slacks. During Bush's horrible 8 year tenure, breaking the law became fashionable. Obama's veting team should have one a better job on those two nominees. At least the President took full responsibility, Bush never apologize for anything, he was defiant to the end. Now that there is black man in the white house, they want to use him as the black sheep. I am sure if every senator and representative is investigated, many of them would have their hands dirty. What is importnt right now is solving the crisis we're in. Get to work!

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